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    About Us

    About the PVC & Pipe Report:

    The PVC & Pipe Weekly Report includes the most accurate pricing available for North American domestic and export PVC pipe and general-purpose resin grades. It is the only market publication to cover pricing for municipal, plumbing and conduit pipe in the domestic PVC pipe market. It covers pipe price increases, including effective dates and discounts off of the published prices for each category of pipe. This report is the single source trusted by pipe converters to accurately reflect current pipe market prices and trends.

    About OPIS PetroChem Wire

    OPIS PetroChem Wire produces a series of daily and weekly publications that create global awareness of spot market supply chain pricing for US olefins, polymers and PVC & Pipe markets by providing useful and clear information at the close of each business day. Its olefins and polyolefins prices currently serve as benchmarks for a number of physical and swap contracts that trade on the CME/NYMEX Clearport system. In addition to daily and weekly market summaries, OPIS PetroChem Wire also provides breaking market news and also detailed maps of the U.S. Gulf Coast petrochemical plants, pipelines and storage hubs. The company’s editors are renowned experts in their markets and are popular conference presenters and general business media commentators.

    Our IOSCO-compliant market coverage across the entire U.S. petrochemical value chain includes:

    400+ daily prices for Monomers, Polymers & Chemical Feedstocks

    Confirmed ethylene and propylene transactions

    Ethylene and propylene system maps

    Refinery blendstock prices/analysis

    Olefins and Polymers forward curves

    Plant outages/operating schedules

    Prime and recycled plastics prices and markets

    PVC & PVC pipe markets

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