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    Rosenwach Tank Co. LLC is a family-owned, fifth generation Company that has been in business for over 150 years. Specializing in the water tank industry, we manufacture, service and install wood and steel tanks. Our firm consists of over 120 employees working in a 200,000 square ft. distribution center. 


    Due to changes in the New York City fire codes and Green Building specifications in 2008, sprinkler and storm detention tanks are now in great demand and highly sought after by mechanical engineers. Our vast knowledge and years of expertise in the industry have led to the introduction of Sunnik Modular Panel Tanks – these tanks have helped expedite installation and reduce cost. Sunnik tanks are distributed worldwide since 1984 and currently exported to 42 countries. Some of the more outstanding engineering projects in the world use SUNNIK tanks. These include Burj Khalifa, currently the world’s tallest building; Petronas Twin Towers; Hong Kong International Airport and many more prestigious engineering projects around the world. 


    Sunnik FRP Panel Tank is NSF 61 certified, conforms to AWWA D121 and is approved by international consultants. The FRP tanks have been installed in numerous buildings in New York City. Our distribution facility, mobile construction crews and Sunnik’s manufacturing capacity have resulted in a win-win situation for building owners, developers and building managers alike. 

    SUNNIK sectional bolted panel tank made of fiberglass or steel is the most flexible and lightweight modular system of industrial water tank. Fast installation with minimal tools required at site is the most economical and safe solution for water containment applicable to stormwater and domestic water storage tank. With its modular system, the tank can be bolted up into 'L', 'Z', 'U' or even 'O' shape to suit the building configuration and maximize space utilization. The water tank can even be compartmentalized for the ease of maintenance without having to drain the whole tank ensuring continuous supply of water. The water tank can be permanent or relocatable to a new site thanks to its bolting system. Each panel either comes in 39"x39" for fiberglass or 48"x48" for steel providing an ease and safe mobilization. Sunnik sectional bolted panel tank comply to NSF61 and AWWA D121. Sunnik sectional bolted panel tank has exported to 42 countries and prestigious projects worldwide, namely world's tallest building, Burj Khalifa and TriBeCa Hotel, NYC. 

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