Tank Connection

3609 N. 16th St., Parsons, KS 67357 United States

About Us

Tank Connection specializes in providing high quality storage tank and aluminum dome options
for water storage applications. Tank Connection’s precision bolted RTP is the #1 bolted tank
design selected worldwide. Tanks are designed to meet a wide range of standards including
AWWA, AISC, NFPA-22, and FM requirements. The proprietary fusion epoxy powder coating
technology is superior to all other coatings available in the market. ISO 9001 Certified company.
Tank Connection manufactures American made products in ISO 9001 Certified facilities.
Tank Connection is 100% Employee owned. Each employee owner is committed to providing
the highest caliber product available. As a result, attention to detail, premium quality, innovation
and a relentless pursuit of excellence are daily standards to exceed client expectations.

Product Information

Bolted RTP (Rolled, Tapered Panel) Tank Connection’s bolted RTP tank is a modular bolted tank distinguished for it’s outstanding quality, longevity, and reliability, Tank Connection’s bolted RTP tanks feature advanced engineering, precision fabrication, smoothwall construction, no-leak design and the highest rated field installation for safety and quality. Tank Connection’s proprietary and exclusive coating systems outperform all other tank coatings.