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About Us

As the largest insertion valve and line stop manufacturer globally, Hydra-Stop has provided water control solutions to municipalities, private water utilities, and contractors worldwide for over 35 years. Our innovative solutions provide a safe, efficient method for valve installation under-pressure, which mitigates the cost and risk associated with water shutdowns.

Put the Hydra-Stop System to Work for You

The Hydra-Stop System is comprised of compatible, innovative equipment that eliminates the need to employ obsolete and costly methods for valve, hydrant, and water line repairs and maintenance:

Insertion Valves — Our award-winning line of Insta-Valve insertion valves are permanent assets that allow operators to perform planned or emergency maintenance without shutting down large portions of the water distribution system. Since the Insta-Valve can be installed in less than a day on an existing, in-service water under high pressure with just a single circular hole, our insertion valves help to lower incremental costs, conserve water, and mitigate risk.

Line Stop Fittings — Our line stop fittings enable crews to temporarily isolate a section of pipe requiring service without disrupting pressure upstream of the stop. This allows utility providers to perform necessary maintenance or repair work without dealing with the risks and interruptions associated with shutting down an entire system.

Equipment — Our line of equipment works in conjunction with our other solutions to help you perform a line tap, install an insertion valve or line stop fitting, assess the interior of your system, and more.

Avoid costly shutdowns and keep the water running to critical facilities like hospitals, fire protection, schools, and more with the Hydra-Stop System. Our innovative solutions for control will help you:

Reduce operating costs

Provide system control

Improve safety

Preserve the environment

Avoid social media fallout

Complete projects on time and on budget

For additional information on Hydra-Stop’s solutions for control, visit http://www.hydra-stop.com/ or call 800-538-7867 to speak to one of our knowledgeable representatives to help you find the solution that fits your unique needs.  

Product Information

Hydra-Stop is a leading provider of integrated and expandable pipe maintenance equipment. We offer the equipment and fittings for line stopping (Hydra-Stopper), line tapping (Hydra-Tapper) and valve insertion (Insta-Valve Plus and the IVP 250). In business for over 30 years, our experience and commitment are built in to every product and every project. The low-cost, lightweight equipment of the innovative Hydra-Stop System provides new solutions to the old dilemma of shutdowns vs. live repairs.