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About Us

Newterra offers practical solutions for decentralized modular wastewater and water, groundwater remediation and treatment solutions as well as municipal and industrial solutions for wastewater treatment.

Newterra offers several wastewater solutions including our Clear3 packaged and custom MBR plants, Argus SBR and Tri-Oval Oxidation Ditch technologies. Additionally, we offer solutions for lagoon and pond aeration and mixing.

Why choose a Newterra Clear3 Packaged MBR (Membrane Bioreactor) system?

·         Clear Choice - fills the needs for developers, smaller communities, mobile home parks and commercial buildings

·         It’s Complete - factory built and fully tested with everything you need

·         Water Reuse Ready - our MBR plants with ZeeWeed® membranes discharge water that is suitable for reuse with no further treatment

·         Reduced onsite construction - minimum sitework as everything is pre-plumbed and wired

·         Maximum uptime - proven components and strategic redundancies allow continuous operation during most maintenance procedures

·         Operator Friendly - ground level membrane maintenance system is a good example of the design considerations incorporated for easy servicing and improved safety

·         Compact - reduced footprint requirements of MBR process

·         World Class Controls - newtN advanced telemetry and controls for 24/7 monitoring, diagnostics and control from any device

Why choose a Newterra Clear3 Custom MBR (Membrane Bioreactor) system?

·         Larger flows - fills the needs for larger systems up to about 1.5 MGD

·         Scaleable - our custom plants are designed in a scalable format using standardized modules allowing the addition of capacity as the development grows.

·         Prefabricated - most of the plant is prefabricated in our facilities which reduces on site costs, decreased commissioning time and increases safety.

Why choose the Tri-Oval Oxidation Ditch system?

·         Precise DO control - independent aeration and mixing with one piece of equipment for biological nutrient removal

·         Large Flow – ideal for larger municipal or industrial flows

·         Ease of Maintenance - no need to drain down the system for maintenance, all equipment is mounted at the surface

·         Low Cost of Ownership - only use the power you need, simple maintenance

·         Great Winter Performance - minimal heat loss

·         Total Reliability - few moving parts, world class design

·         Quiet operation and flexible design for restricted land requirements

·         No aerosols or splashing

·         Complete mixing with no sludge settling

Why choose the Argos SBR (Sequencing Batch Reactor)?

·         Low Capital - overall simpler design and less infrastructure than traditional SBRs

·         Process flexibility - batched based SBR gives ultimate flexibility in operation

·         Ease of Maintenance - no need to drain down the system for maintenance, all equipment is mounted at the surface

·         Reduced footprint with no need for additional buildings or enclosures



Product Information

Clear3 pre-engineered modular MBR packaged systems from Newterra for decentralized applications reduce overall costs, increased safety and produce reuse ready effluent. Delivered complete to the site with all piping, wiring, programming, and testing complete. Ideal for mobile home parks, single or multi-family housing developments, parks and recreation facilities and industrial complexes.