Northern Divers USA, Inc.

1924 Main St., Spring Grove, IL 60081 United States

About Us

Northern Divers USA provides a state-of-the-art solution for any freshwater intake system.

• Reduce costs with our revolutionary, patented freshwater intake cleaning system.

• Exclusively owned & patented by Northern Divers USA, Inc.

• Proven effective

• High Velocity force cleaning

• Minimizes diver penetration

• Zero damage to pipeline and internal chem lines

• Works on any diameter pipe

• Zebra Mussel control

• Eliminates the buildup of bacteria and Methane gases

• Saves time and money

• R.O.V. Inspections before and after cleaning

• Clients’ results will back our claim      

Learn how you can reduce operational costs by having your intake lines “Scrubbed” clean!

Because our process uses a very high volume of water with minimal pressure, intake pipes, grates, and supplemental chemical lines are not harmed or damaged in any way.

For further explanation on our process call Owner and Inventor Frank Frosolone at 847-293-8465.

Product Information

With 10 years of proven success at 9 water plants, Nuclear Plants and Great Lakes Naval Base across Illinois, Wisconsin, Michigan and New Jersey, the results speak for themselves. Intake lines that are free of silt, sand, zebra mussels, and other freshwater debris flow more water, and have significantly reduced operating and water treatment costs for our clients by tremendously reducing turbidity and chemical use.