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    Brenda Smith
    Sales Manger
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  • Metal Samples

    152 Metal Samples Road,, Munford, AL 36268 United States

    About Us

    Metal Samples provides a complete line of corrosion monitoring products and has been serving the water treatment industry for over 40 years.

    •  Corrosion test coupons
    •  Coupon holders
    •  Coupon insertion systems
    •  Bypass systems & Test racks
    •  Electrodes
    •  Corrosion probes
    •  Corrosion instruments (portable meters, transmitters, data loggers)
    •  Biofilm monitoring equipment
    •  Injection and sampling systems (quills and spray nozzles)

    Our extensive in-house manufacturing capabilities and vast inventory of materials allow us to customize products to meet your needs.

    Product Information

    Corrosion Monitoring Products -- corrosion coupons, coupon holders, corrosion probes, corrosion instruments, bypass systems & test racks, injection & sampling systems.
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