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About Us

Pipe Tools Inc supplies the leak detection tools necessary to achieve your goal of reducing NRW. From basic handheld leak listeners to sophisticated sound acquisition systems, Pipe Tools has customized solutions based on your particular system or situation. We supply equipment to listen, correlate, pinpoint leaks and even perform pipe condition assessment. For example, Aquarius Spectrum manufacturers hydrant and valve mounted sensors for water network monitoring and pipe condition assessment. The AQS system is a cloud-based solution that correlates and maps leaks nightly. The resulting data is analyzed to identify, quantify, pinpoint, track, and monitor leaks from your desktop. For more information call (866)246-1828, email jimfay@pipe-tools.com


Our mission is to save water, be good stewards of the environment, and to prevent inefficiencies. 

Our quality of life is improved by protecting our infrastructure. We help professionals in the water, gas and sewer industries every year with our advanced leak detection products, sewer cleaning and inspection tools, as well as the pipe and cable locating equipment needed in these industries every day.


Equipment sales, Training and Consulting

As leaders in our field, our products and services span the nation-as does our expertise.

At pipe tools, we are committed to offering the latest in professional products and services to water and sewer industry professional, technicians, and everyone else who needs powerful pipe solutions, we have seen and solved issues relating to leak detection and repair, pipeline locating and monitoring, drain and sewer cleaning and more


Non-Revenue Water Reduction
Minmizing Losses, Maximizing Safety

Pipe Tools serves the lower 48 states with dedicated sales representatives that can recommend products based on your needs and location. Based in Pennsauken, New Jersey, our experienced sales staff understands the industry and knows the best equipment to get the job done.

Water is a precious resource and we are particularly committed to the prevention of non-revenue water. Whether water is lost due to leaks or metering inaccuracies, Pipe Tools realizes the dangers associated with unseen and unchecked water losses. 

Over time, we have provided tools to many experts and professionals working with water and non-revenue water issues across the United States. Our tools have been responsible for finding literally billions of gallons of leaked water from water main and metered pressure zones. 

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