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Unifilt Corporation is a Global Leader in Filtration System Solutions

Since 1977, with more than 6,000 installations operating worldwide in a variety of municipal and industrial applications, Unifilt has set the standard for state-of-the-art manufacturing, distribution, removal, and installation of filtering materials for potable and wastewater treatment facilities. 

A total solutions provider, the only full service filter media company in the world, Unifilt offers a systematic and thorough approach to coordinating the supply, delivery, and installation of a wide variety of filter media systems, products and services. After spending decades helping municipalities, engineers, contractors and industrial companies realize a wide range of filtering process objectives, our team of experts has acquired a depth of experience that enables them to successfully address even the most challenging applications.

Looking back, Unifilt has always been an innovator. We were the first filter media supplier to offer guaranteed compatibility of media components, the first to provide a complete line of low uniformity coefficient materials, the first to guarantee high quality anthracite filter media, and the first to use computerized blending to achieve specific sizing. Today, Unifilt’s Complete Packaged Solution includes expert diagnosis, repair, maintenance, filter media removal, professional installation services, and guaranteed compatibility of components.

Continuing to lead the industry, Unifilt shepherds customers through their filter projects’ evaluation and design phases, and continues to provide expert support throughout supply, installation and start-up. As an added value, the company supplies complete bed design analysis including headloss, along with expansion data for any bed configuration.

Experienced field technicians provide service for vacuum, hydraulic and manual removal of filter materials; hydraulic and manual installation of filter materials; underdrain cleaning, evaluation and repair, and evaluation of existing filter materials and systems. Technical support and equipment rentals are available upon request.

In addition to the manufacturing, packaging and shipping of Anthracite Filter Coal, Filter Sand, High Density Material and Support Gravel, the company offers Wheeler Balls and Uni-Liners®. Filter materials meet or exceed AWWA B100-16, are listed under NSF Standard 61, and may be used in Deep Bed Anthracite Filters, Dual Media Filters, Multi Media Filters, Pressure Filters, Acid or Alkali Process Filters, Potable Filters, Slow Sand Filters, and Swimming Pool Filters. Product is available in 1 cu. ft. palletized bags and semi-bulk containers.

The company-owned fleet ensures reliable logistics and superior flexibility. Unifilt loads trucks, railcars, intermodal, and overseas containers. If a facility is in need of emergency assistance, we can mobilize a response in as little as 24 hours.

We also offer the Unifilt Air Scour, an improved solution for filter media cleaning. Designed to increase productivity, minimize downtime and reduce labor costs, the Unifilt Air Scour’s proprietary, laser-cut microslits resist clogging. Made in the U.S.A. with a focus on craftsmanship and quality, each lightweight modular unit is constructed of 304 stainless steel for maximum durability. The user-friendly design enables fast, easy installation with no filter media removal or underdrain replacement. It offers a cost-effective retrofit option for facilities struggling with the cost of maintaining older, outdated equipment. Air Scour units simply drop down from the top and are fully supported from above.

For a limited time, Unifilt is offering qualified prospects a Free Introductory Trial on the Air Scour. Our professional field installation team will set up the air grid modules, temporary piping and anchorage, connect an air supply via a mobile, diesel-powered blower with automated controls, and provide comprehensive, onsite operator training. With no permanent physical plant alterations required, it can be easily relocated or removed at any time. During the Trial period, improved plant efficiencies can be realized and quantified prior to purchase.

To learn more, call 1-800-223-2882 or visit www.Unifilt.com.

Product Information

The Introductory Trial on Unifilt Corporation’s Air Scour solution for filter media cleaning, a cost-effective alternative to ongoing maintenance of old equipment, allows realization and quantification of improved plant efficiencies prior to purchase. Proprietary microslits resist clogging to help increase productivity, minimize downtime, and reduce labor costs. Includes temporary installation (without media removal or underdrain replacement), mobile air supply, and training. Made in USA.
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