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About Us

Swan Analytical USA supplies high-quality online monitoring instruments for raw and potable water.  Swan’s monitors and analyzers deliver reliable, precision readings for turbidity, chlorine, phosphate, pH/ORP, conductivity, fluoride, SAC254 organic monitoring and more.  

Swan Analyzers are provided with all components pre-mounted on PVC back panel; wet-bench tested at the factory, and ready to quickly install with minimal work. Designed with the user in mind, components are placed on the panels to provide easy access for routine maintenance and service, and fast exchange when replacements are needed. Advanced capabilities like cleaning modules, degassers, flow sensors, and built-in diagnostics ensure low maintenance operation.

At the heart of each Swan Instrument is the powerful, but user-friendly AMI transmitter. All settings, calibration, and maintenance settings are accessible from the simple four-button keypad. Plain language prompts walk users through all functions. In operating mode the display shows measured the primary parameter along with secondary measurements like flow and temperature as well as alarm status. Flexible output capabilities include multiple 4-20 mA outputs, Modbus, Profibus, RS-232, and USB providing SCADA-ready communications. Powerful data logging capabilities ensure the instruments capture and transmit key event data along with continuous measurements.

All Swan Analyzers are made at our global headquarters and manufacturing facility in Switzerland. The renowned quality of “Swiss-made” products is a guiding principle of our company. Every component is developed, manufactured and assembled at our headquarters in Switzerland. Rigorous quality controls and tests under real conditions ensure that the strict criteria and standards of the Swiss Made label are met.

Each and every instrument is assembled and tested by our experienced, highly trained employees. Their craftsmanship is reflected in the accuracy of our instruments. An extensive wet-bench test under representative conditions with subsequent factory calibration is the final step in the production process. Careful choice of materials and components, collaboration with top-notch sub-suppliers and continuous investment in modern production facilities allow us to ensure that Swan products are durable and reliable.

Built-in temperature measurement, reagent level checks, flow monitoring, and optional pH probe ensure the system is operating properly, alerting user to alarm conditions or service requirements. Adjustable measurement intervals allow user to choose more frequent monitoring or reduced reagent consumption.

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Product Information

Swan’s AMI CODES II CC is a versatile colorimetric analyzer measuring free chlorine, total chlorine, combined chlorine, and monochloramines. A precise pump and valve system doses reagents to drive color reactions for accurate photometric measurement. Built-in temperature sensor, reagent level detectors, flow sensor, and optional pH probe monitor operation and alert on alarm conditions or service needs. Adjustable measurement intervals allow frequent monitoring or reduced reagent consumption