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About Us

The NO-DES process for flushing distribution systems was patented in 2003 by Chris Wilkinson, as a way to enable public and private water municipalities to conserve drinking water while cleaning distribution mains and improving water quality. Most water conservation programs are targeted towards water consumers; our water main flushing method conserves extremely large amounts of potable drinking water at the municipal level before it ever reaches the public!

Conventional flushing programs waste millions of gallons of water while attempting to clean our distribution lines, which also stirs up sediments and increases customer complaints of dirty water.  The NO-DES method incorporates proven, off-the-shelf components to implement this new technology; allowing operators to monitor water quality and flow to effectively and efficiently scour the water distribution lines “without wasting precious water”.  NO-DES units also have the ability to inject chlorine directly into the distribution system, thereby increasing chlorine residuals even in the most remote areas (including Chloraminated systems). Our unique filtration system removes biofilm, manganese, iron, and other particulates down to 1 micron.

NO-DES, Inc. is uniquely positioned to dramatically improve flushing programs during the ongoing drought. Instead of water flowing out of fire hydrants and running to waste, while customers watch in horror and anger, the NO-DES process utilizes a truck or trailer mounted pumping, filtering and re-chlorinating system which circulates the water within the water distribution system. Once the NO-DES system is connected to the hydrants or blow-off, and the unit is pressurized by opening the hydrants or blow-off's (full open); the NO-DES system becomes a temporary part of the distribution system, just as a water tank or booster pump system does. The distribution system water does not leave the distribution system; it is circulated through the connected "temporary loop" created by the NO-DES unit. Distribution pressures and flows are maintained at all times during the NO-DES flushing cycle.


NO-DES offers truck and trailer mounted units for purchase that can be completely tailored to your needs. We currently have units operating in the cities of Hillsborough CA, San Jose CA, Fresno CA, Pasadena CA, Soquel Creek CA, Vandenberg Airforce Base CA (AW), Wright Patterson Airforce Base OH (AW), El Paso TX, New Jersey American Water, Indian Wells Valley Water District CA, Ventura CA, Golden State Water CA and now in Australia.

'NO-DES also offers contract operations nationwide, please contact us for a quote or demonstration.



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Product Information

The most popular NO-DES unit is the 200PSI truck mounted model. Every NO-DES unit is turn key upon delivery and training; we provide everything you need to get your flushing program up and running. Each NO-DES unit sold is completely customized to your needs. From larger filter vessels, safety lighting and extra reels to custom mounts for additional equipment, the unit is built to order.
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