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  • Fluid Conservation Systems

    502 Techne Center Drive Suite B, Milford, OH 45150 United States

    About Us

    Fluid Conservation Systems (FCS) is the North American leader in leak detection and water network monitoring solutions. FCS was the first organization to patent leak correlation technology in the United States. Our primary focus, for the past 40 years has been proactive leak detection, however in the last decade we have expanded into new applications and sectors which include network distribution system monitoring, pressure modulation, sewer and storm water monitoring, and river and flood monitoring. At FCS, we invest in the skill of the operator. We place a priority on training and offer a wide range of courses which can be tailored to your needs. The result is improved efficiency, confidence, and cost savings.

    Product Information

    PermaNet+ is a battery-powered, cellular-enabled, acoustic leak detection and monitoring solution that delivers daily leak reports, including acoustic leak audio files and autocorrelations, via the cloud. PermaNet+ is installed below grade, eliminating the need to install and maintain additional above ground infrastructure. The PermaNetWeb cloud dashboard includes powerful web tools to filter and listen to leak audio, validate remote correlations, identify leak locations and minimize NRW.