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Company Description:

O.G. Supply has been in business since 1948 and has built a solid reputation around the world as an innovative sealing solution provider. We service the boiler, waterworks, pulp & paper, power generation, chemical, petrochemical and the oil & gas industry. With millions of our flange, hand-hole and man-hole gaskets placed into service, we have become experts in the art of sealing high pressure/high temperature steam.

We service our clients from two facilities.

• Our headquarters is in Cibolo, Texas located only 30 minutes from the heart of San Antonio. The 10,000 ft2 facility was built in 1988 and host the production of our STEAMWORKS portfolio of products.

• The Corona, California location serves as our west coast manufacturing and distribution center. The facility is 15,000 ft2 and includes a wide selection of industrial gasket manufacturing processes. We specialize in high volume OEM components. With engineering and reverse engineering capabilities, finding an innovative sealing solution to meet your requirement is our forte.

Our STEAMWORKS portfolio of products include:

Boiler Gaskets (Blue-Max®, Black-Max®, White-Max®, Spiral-Max and Topog-E®)

·         Hand-Hole

·         Man-Hole

·         Header

·         Low Water Cut Off

Tape and Rope (Ceramic and Fiberglass)

·        Twisted

·        Knitted

·        Braided

·        Woven

·        Tadpole

Insulation Materials (Ceramic and Fiberglass)

·        Blanket

·        Board

·        Paper

Industrial Gasketing

·        Spiral Wound – OG & OGI

·        Dual Flange – DFG153

·        Full Face and Raised Face  - NSF61 Certified

·        Isolation Kits

·        Ring Type Joint

Gasketing Materials

·        Jinyou UFG ePTFE Sheet

·        Tetra-Max ePTFE Joint Sealant

·        Tetra-Max rPTFE (Blue-Glass, Fawn-Silica and Off White-Barium Sulphate)

·        NAM-37C (NSF-61 Certified Compressed NBR/Aramid)

·        Graphite (Plain, 316SS Foil and 316SS Tang Insert)

Mechanical Seals/Packing

·        Single, Split and Dual Cartridge Seals

·        Carbon and Graphite

·        Aramid and Synthetic

·        PTFE

We are globally renowned for our Blue-Max®, Black-Max® and White-Max® products.

The Blue-Max® gasket is the only one of its kind. Designed and manufactured to perform in steam, this proprietary formula of tacky cloth utilizing glass synthetic fibers, brass wire and impregnated with a modified blue elastomer compound. It continues to surpass the performance of molded rubber gaskets in steam applications. For added value, the Blue-Max® gaskets are wrapped with a special PTFE which helps to create the initial seal and prevent the gasket from sticking when removed. Operating parameters for the Blue-Max® are 450psi/500°F.

The Black-Max® gasket stands apart from all others when it comes to high temperature and high pressure tolerance. This gasket is capable of 2,000psi and can withstand temperatures of 850°F in oxidizing atmosphere and 1,200°F in steam. This gasket in manufactured with a penta-layering process of high temperature graphite and 316 stainless steel foil to support high compressive strengths. Its unique construction results in a stable gasket that will not unwind or unravel and is a very dependable alternative to the spiral-wound gasket.

The White-Max® gasket is especially designed for inspection ports of boilers and tanks. It provides reliable sealability with low stress and exceptional dimension stability. This form of gasketing is processed by expanding 100% pure polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE). The result is a bi-directional, soft, highly compressible gasket for longer life and trouble-free sealing. Its form-in-place versatility is perfect for sealing boiler plates that are worn, warped, or scored. The White-Max® gasket demonstrates exceptional creep resistance and bolt torque retention properties. This gasket is rated for 3,000psi/600°F and with a perfect 0-14pH rating it can withstand highly corrosive environments. Lastly, being FDA compliant it does not support bacterial growth or cause product contamination.

Our mission can be summed up in one word - SEALITAL®. We believe it so much we’ve trademarked it. Blue-Max®, Black-Max®, White-Max® and Sealital® are registered trademarks of O.G. Supply, LLC

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