Argonics, Inc.

520 9th Street
Gwinn, MI 49841

Phone: View Phone Number800-991-2746

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Company Description:

Since 1993, Argonics, Inc. has been manufacturing some of the highest quality wear and abrasion resistant products on the market. Many of these products are used in the agricultural, aggregate, concrete, and mining industries; however, we also provide products for the public works sector – waterworks, snow removal, etc.

In 1997, we started working with local municipalities to develop products that would replace traditional cast iron products – like curb inlet hoods and valve box top sections – that were damaged and needed repair. Today, we carry a full line of polyurethane products that are saving municipalities manpower and replacement costs while reducing their inventories.

Our waterworks items include curb inlet hoods, Speedy Sleeve curb box repair tops, and all poly curb box systems, valve box covers, and sewer locating covers. We are developing several other municipality specific products which help with corrosion resistance, flexibility upon impact from plows, location capabilities, and maintenance repair time and costs.

Our snow removal products consist of items like curb saver blocks, polyurethane plow cutting edges, and salt/sand spinners. These products help municipalities, especially those in rural areas, with their winter maintenance repair, labor, costs, and damage to cast iron products in the streets and roadways.

Call us today and let us help your municipality save time and money.

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