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Company Description:

Since 1999, ScadaTEC has focused on improving its flagship alarm notification software, ScadaPhone. Many of ScadaPhone's features have been implemented to satisfy customer requests. Some of the customer requests are narrow in scope and really only apply to a small percentage of potential users; however, some requests are simply great ideas that hadn't crossed our minds yet. Whatever the case, we consider all feature requests seriously with the philosophy that if a feature is needed by one user, it's probably also useful to 100 others, put it in. The result is a mature software that is full of useful features that can solve most of your alarm management and notification needs.

ScadaPhone uses an open architecture design that requires no 3rd party software like a MS SQL. 

All of the ScadaPhone configuration files are in either ASCII text or csv formats.

Connecting ScadaPhone to remote SCADA systems over internet is supported by our tunneling software, OPCHub.  Using OPCHub avoids the difficult task of making and keeping DCOM functioning between the ScadaPhone and SCADA sites.

     Key Features of ScadaPhone alarm notification software:

·         Compatible with all versions of Windows including Windows 10 & Server 2012 R2.

·         Runs under a virtual server environment such as VMWare or Hyper-V.

·         Available in 4 tiers based on the number of alarms: 32, 200, 2000 or unlimited.

·         Hot Backup with “On the Fly” selective synchronization.

·         Reports Alarms via Voice, SMS, Pager and Email.

·         Supports simultaneous messaging from a Voice & Cellular modem (SMS).

·         Configurable call out scheduler.

·         Licensing via software code or USB dongle.

·         Remote access from any Web Browser.

•   Compatible with all versions of Windows including Windows 10 & Server 2012 R2.

•    Runs under Virtual environment such as VMWare or Microsoft Hyper-V

•   OPC, DDE or OLE interface to all SCADA applications

•   Reports Alarms via Voice, SMS, Pager and Email

•   On-The-Fly Redundancy Synchronization

•   Remote Access from any Web Browser

•   Alarms can be Grouped and Prioritized. Powerful Plant Operator Roster, Rotation and Scheduling

Product Information:
ScadaPhone Alarm Dialer is a Windows-based application which interfaces with SCADA software to monitor, report and acknowledge alarm and event statuses.

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