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Company Description:

AVR, Inc. provides Utility Billing Software Solutions and Services for the water, natural gas, and electric utilities industries.  We have offered our clients comprehensive and unparalleled utility billing software solutions since 1964.  As a company, we are committed to offering: 

Robust and dependable software solutions

Future-proof technology for the decades to come

Reliable services tailored to client workflows

The ultimate in hands-on customer care

AVR offers solutions across the billing lifecycle. By working with AVR, utility professionals are better able to focus on their core business and trust billing operations to AVR’s proven team of professionals.

AVR’s core software product is uVision®, an integrated suite of utility financial and workforce management applications clients can access as needed. uVision software is flexible, scalable, reliable, easily configurable, and intuitive.  Built for the utility billing industry, uVision handles the entire utility life cycle, from meter reading, billing, payment collections, customer notifications, and close-outs all the way through data archives and record-keeping. 

In addition to core billing functions, uVision offers users the choice to add on advanced features.  The plug-and-play modules include Credit Card, ACH, Online Billing, and Mobile Phone uInstaPay™, along with a multitude of payment options for end user convenience. Other modules such as Rate Analysis, Balanced Billing, and Meter Inventory enhance billing capabilities.

 AVR Managed Back Office Administration services provide customers with a full array of data processing and bill posting services.  AVR systematically organizes data and information from diverse sources, and converts, enters, manages, evaluates and processes that data based on the client’s individual municipality rate ordinance or requirements. 

AVR Statement Processing services provide clients with complete bill printing and mailing capabilities, lowering total operational costs for printing, sorting and stuffing envelopes.  The benefits to clients include:

Reduced time, expense and resources required for in-house operations

Elimination of equipment rental and maintenance costs and support fees for specialty printers and sorting and stuffing machines

Reduced costs for ink, forms, envelopes and postage

AVR recently tapped the power and innovation of Kamstrup, the world’s leading supplier of intelligent metering solutions, to introduce Electronic Ultrasound Metering to multiple water utility markets in the United States. Kamstrup’s flowIQÒ technology provides revolutionary ultrasonic flow measurement that guarantees pinpoint accuracy over the lifetime of the meter, ensures low meter lifetime costs and maintenance-free meters, identifies and reduces water losses in near real time and helps customers conserve water and lower their bills.

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AVR, Inc. is dedicated to personal service.  Turnover among employees is rare, and AVR leadership works hard to keep it that way. The AVR team works hand-in-hand with customers and offers them best-practice support and counsel.  AVR manages customer service orders with uSupport™, its online support system that enables clients to track the status of service orders and to communicate with AVR regarding those orders in near real time.

At AVR, continuous research and development have been the foundation for new innovations for public and private utilities and local governments for more than a half-century. AVR strives to keep the company and its customers future ready and ahead of the game.

Extended Company description  :

AVR has a strong tradition of innovative firsts that continues to usher in next-generation software and services, as well as enhance our uVision® Customer Information System (CIS)/Utility Billing Software and its custom-designed modules. At AVR, the goal is to seamlessly support each client’s unique business model, enhancing cyclical performance and improving the bottom line.

AVR’s Systems Transitions team provides the infrastructure new clients need to deploy AVR software, modules and services.  They closely monitor conversions and ensure that the migration to AVR is done right, on time and in budget.  At that point, they make sure that the correct processes, protocols and procedures are in place so new users can get back to work quickly and efficiently, maximizing business continuity.  It is only then that they hand off the new client to AVR’s support personnel who maintain the account relationship on an ongoing basis.

AVR IT professionals work with clients in a variety of ways. Whether an equipment issue or an IT service, the AVR IT team can handle the task without the need to outsource the request to third parties. By providing a single vendor for IT services, we have found that clients enjoy more stability, continuity and security, enhancing their experience with AVR technology. 

AVR’s suite of software solutions and modules is powered by Progress Open Edge, technology that draws on the power of a fourth-generation language to provide the highly reliable relational database management system that handles the scope and complexity of even our largest clients’ billing and back office operations. The Progress Open Edge platform is a complete platform for building multi-language applications across any platform, any mobile device and any cloud solution, making it ideal for business agility and technology innovation.


Extended Product Description :

Bill & Payment Processing Services


Bill Printing, Mailing Services and Statement Processing


Many utilities consider the option of in-house billing to be a cost-cutting measure.  When considering the complete picture, however, it is often not the best choice. Operational costs for printing, sorting and stuffing envelopes usually require much more time, expense and resources than initial estimates predict. Specialized printers, sorting machines and stuffing machines typically require a monthly rental and support fees, ongoing maintenance and training to manage upkeep and repair. AVR provides these functions as a service, offering customers streamlined, dedicated performance and freedom from unforeseen overhead expenses.


AVR processing services include:

uReceivables™ – Gain faster access to funds and simplify online bill pay from consumers who utilize their financial institution to debit their checking accounts and submit a paper check to your office on their behalf. AVR works with several payment processors, such as Checkfree, Chase, and Wells Fargo, to intercept these paper checks and consolidate all of them into a single electronic posting file. Multiple levels of access, security, reporting tools and transaction search capabilities save time and effort to reduce administrative time and expense. 

uScan™ / Lockbox Payment Processing – AVR offers outsourced remittance processing to the AVR Lockbox service. Using the latest technology and leveraging advances in Check21, AVR offers a complete check-imaging solution with same-day funds availability.

Online Bill Payment – AVR understands the need for security and tight integration when it comes to paying bills online. Because we understand, we have developed a back-end processor that eliminates the many issues of having to work through a third-party online service provider, improving security and enhancing compatibility with your utility billing system.


CIS & Billing


uVision® Utility Billing Software


AVR’s Utility Billing software, uVision, provides quick response navigation tools that give instant easy access to all functionally of the AVR system. Users can assist customers, make payments and adjustments, calculate and penalize in order to print bills, and access the report data needed for checks and balances.

Popular features of uVision include:

Mobile technology – uRead® Mobile and uRead® Tower are integrated into the software for field operations, meter reading and payment options.

Bill pay options are tightly integrated into AVR software, offering a multitude of payment options to customers while simultaneously updating the billing software.

Numerous integrated modules such as cash collection, rate analysis, delinquent process, meter inventory, work order management, online bill pay and mass notification that streamline the office for more efficiency. Included are interfaces for third-party software as customers migrate to AVR, such as Automated Meter Reading (AMR), Interactive Voice Response (IVR), Geographical Information Systems (GIS), as well as off-the-shelf and custom accounting software.  

Work Order/Client Billing system uManage® integrated into the uVision® software, as modules for flexibility of installation.


Computer Hardware & Software category


Computer Software – Work Order Systems


uManage® Workforce Management System and Client Billing Application


AVR’s uManage® Workforce Management System and Client Billing application offers state-of-the-art browsing that allows filtering, sorting, grouping, making multiple selections for updating en masse, reporting, and accessing all work orders in the database, including client billing information if activated.  This robust work order system tracks, manages, analyzes and reports the entity’s facility, maintenance and field workflow. Work orders are maintained and stored on the customer’s billing account, making work history, customer service and job analysis seamless and efficient. This information can be used to bill, report and analyze the performance of the organization. 

uManage software offers the following:

Work Orders – Create, manage and close work orders that are tied to the account for tracking purposes. This includes a browser that makes filtering, sorting, dispatching, managing, printing, analyzing and reporting work orders user-friendly and painless.

Client Billing / Invoicing – Easily and effectively create an invoice that includes all of the work performed within the district with that district’s contractual rates for time, equipment, material, purchase orders and sub-contractors.

Inventory – Track both used and available material at any time on a per-district and/or company-wide basis. Report on items low in stock using user-defined re-order points and reminder pop-ups.

Purchase Orders – Create, track, link and pass on purchase orders as part of a work order.

Recurring Work Orders – Have the ability to set up work orders on a user-defined recurrence for specific locations and work order types.


Computer Software – Meter Reading


uRead® Mobile Meter Reading Application with ReliaSync™


AVR’s uRead® Mobile Meter Reading application with ReliaSync brings the very latest in mobile technology to the utility billing industry. Using inexpensive, off-the-shelf hardware such as smartphones and tablets*, uRead® customers have an enterprise-class mobile meter reading solution to equip their fleet while keeping meter reading costs to a minimum, even over unreliable internet connections.   The application features the following:

ReliaSync  -- Meter reads are transmitted reliably back to the billing office over the network directly from the field -- even if the connection is temporarily down.

Exception management and data validation (high/low read) provided at time of entry

Photographs -- Document broken meters or other conditions in the field and instantly transmit them back to the billing office via ReliaSyncTM, lowering the need for re-reads.


AVR’s uRead® Mobile Device Meter Reading Module is a full meter reading application

designed for most smartphones and tablets.  It offers the user the ability to enter meter readings and record office messages and pictures with a smartphone or tablet device and transmit to the office in real time. Options include previous read suppression, high and low read plus reverse formula driven checks, and user-required photography to support the high and low reverse readings. All pictures are attached to the customer account for reference.



Credit Card Processing category


Credit Card Processing

AVR’s on-line payment processing system provides an avenue for making a multitude of payments in a variety of ways. Each customer has access to view payment history, usage and print out copies of bills.  The 24/7 bill view and payment history feature provides added convenience.  AVR is PCI compliant with high-end transactional encryption to enhance security.

With AVR, customers enjoy the following:

Pay by Credit Card or Check

uInstaPayTM - Mobile payments with iPhones or Android devices, and other smartphones/tablets –pay bills from anywhere, beginning with a simple scan of a QR code printed right on their bill.

24/7 availability for payments

One-Time or Recurring Credit Card or ACH

View water bills or billing history whether a payment is made or not

Sign up for online paperless or billing online

Real Time Reporting – Credit Cards instantly validated, easy to access, and to view

Automatically updated utility bills

eNotices – our eNotices keep you up to date and aware of your account status. These include bills about to be calculated, bills about to go out, confirmation your bill has been paid and many more.

SendGrid reporting for your e-bills - identifies who received their e-mails, who opened them and who deleted.


Data Processing category

Data Processing


Managed Backoffice Administration (MBA), AVR’s data processing and bill printing services, helps customers streamline the back office and manage work more efficiently.  AVR systematically organizes data and information, even from diverse sources. MBA converts, enters, manages, evaluates and processes data based on individual municipality rate ordinances or customizes to unique requirements. AVR’s MBA services are flexible and cost-effective, and AVR’s industry knowledge and experience ensure that information is handled with utmost precision and that customer relationships are handled with care.


With more than 50 years in the business, AVR has a comprehensive understanding of the tasks that make up the utility billing cycle.  Based on proven processes, the AVR team methodically maintains all records and data with total transparency.  If customers prefer, AVR links customer data so that it is easily available in real time, making interaction with end-users quick, accurate and convenient. Last but not least, the AVR team is friendly and easy to work with, and is always mindful that hands-on customer service leads to loyalty and long-term retention. 




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