Haycarb USA, Inc

100 Willow Avenue
Oakdale, PA 15071

Phone: View Phone Number281-292-8678
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Company Description:

HAYCARB USA is the marketing arm in North America for HAYCARB PLC of Sri Lanka, a premier manufacturer of Activated Coconut Shell Carbon for more than forty years, with current annual manufacturing capacity and production of around 45,000 metric tons.  We pride ourselves on the high quality of carbon that is produced to stringent quality standards, satisfying NSF and Prop 65 requirements, and in accordance with ISO certification.  We have six production facilities - located two-each in Sri Lanka, Thailand, and Indonesia.  Product range includes Granular carbons, Powdered carbons, Pelletized carbons, Impregnated carbons, Catalytic carbons, Surface modified carbons, supplied for use in water treatment, air treatment, solvent recovery, natural gas separation, gold recovery, gas masks, cigarette filters, cabin air filters, aquariums, kidney dialysis, electronics manufacture (EDLC), and a host of other applications.  We are able to provide superior technical support to facilitate the use of our activated carbon products, and we have the ability to hold significant stocks of carbon in our warehouse complex near Pittsburgh, PA, as well as at locations around the USA, primarily around ports.


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