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Horizon® is a brand of water treatment systems comprised of both chlorination chemicals and chemical feeders.  We specialize in simple, durable tablet chlorine feed systems for potable water, wastewater, and other applications where a chlorine residual is desired.

Using calcium and residue free 90% available chlorine chemistry our focus is on tablet chlorination and easy to maintain feeders.

We manufacture both tablets and feeders in-house in order to provide a quality system for water treatment professionals.

Solid chlorine tablets offer a safer and more convenient source of available chlorine than gas or liquid systems.  Tablets are dissolved as needed to produce a liquid chlorine solution that is added to the water. Since the chlorine solution is produced as needed, there is no costly breakdown of chlorine like traditional sodium hypochlorite systems.

Tablet systems are a significant improvement for small sites, well sites, remote locations and booster stations.

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