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Troy, MI 48098

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Company Description:

Keeping Drinking Water Safe for Industries and Municipalities

For over 30 years, HydroCorp has been dedicated to safe drinking water for companies and communities across North America.  Fortune 500 firms, metropolitan centers, utilities, small towns and businesses – all rely on HydroCorp to protect their water systems, helping to avert backflow contamination and the acute health risks and financial liabilities it incurs.

The HydroCorp Promise

HydroCorp is the Safe Water Authority.™ It is our duty to provide the most precise and comprehensive technical services in the industry.  It also means delivering those services with expert knowledge, professionalism, and sensitivity to budgets and schedules – the highest standard of water safety oversight, combined with the highest value

HydroCorp currently provides Cross-Connection Control Program Management Services to over 230 Municipal Clients in Michigan, Wisconsin, Florida, Delaware, Maryland, Minnesota and Virginia.  The scope of services consists of Cross-Connection Control inspections/surveys, data management, notice generation, tracking of backflow prevention devices and assemblies, compliance reporting, public education and training.

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