Evoqua Water Technologies

210 Sixth Ave. Suite 3300
Pittsburgh, PA 15222

Phone: View Phone Number724-772-0044
Fax: View Fax Number978-970-2465

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Company Description:

Leaders in Safer Drinking Water Solutions & Services for 100+ Years. Evoqua Water Technologies has been the market leader in providing respected expertise to help engineers and municipalities clean and purify the world’s water.  We excel in membrane filtration, disinfection management, and contaminants of concern. Brands include Wallace & Tiernan®, MEMCOR®, ETS-UV™, Envirex®, DAVCO™, Jet Tech, and more.

Product Information:
The CoMag® System dramatically increases capacity and clarifier performance within existing footprint. It is NSF approved for drinking water, and is applicable to all primary and/or tertiary treatment. It easily integrates into existing facilities, making it easier to solve today’s operational and regulatory challenges.

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