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Company Description:

Hydra-Stop manufactures an integrated and expandable line of pipe maintenance equipment. In business for over 30 years, experience and commitment are built in to every product we manufacture.

When you own a piece of Hydra-Stop equipment, you own the beginnings of an integrated system that allows you to expand your capabilities, giving you pipeline maintenance flexibility.

The Hydra-Stop System

The uniquely designed equipment in the Hydra-Stop System eliminates the need to employ obsolete and costly methods of dealing with valve and hydrant problems.

The Hydra-Stop System features the Hydra-Stopper, Hydra-Tapper and the Insta-Valve Plus. It is a flexible and economical system of line tapping, line stopping, and valve insertion equipment that minimizes the cost of system expansion.

The Hydra-Stop System is also a cost-efficient solution for the general maintenance of water, wastewater, or other liquid distribution systems used by municipalities and industrial plant networks. It eliminates complete system shutdowns that create major service disruptions while needed repair or replacement work is being done. This is critical for many operations and businesses like hospitals which need water to operate. They simply cannot function without it and a lack of water could lead to potentially hazardous situations.

With other pipe maintenance solutions, delayed production, late product deliveries, and idle employees can take their toll on municipal budgets. Fire departments are helpless without an assured water supply and main system shutdowns are extremely dangerous. This situation can also increase fire insurance rates in an affected area and any of these conditions raises the question of negligence litigation.

For additional information on putting the Hydra-Stop System to work for you, contact Hydra-Stop today at(800) 538-7867.

Product Information:
Hydra-Stop is a leading provider of integrated and expandable pipe maintenance equipment. We offer the equipment and fittings for line stopping (Hydra-Stopper), line tapping (Hydra-Tapper) and valve insertion (Insta-Valve Plus and the IVP 250). In business for over 30 years, our experience and commitment are built in to every product and every project. The low-cost, lightweight equipment of the innovative Hydra-Stop System provides new solutions to the old dilemma of shutdowns vs. live repairs.

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