LANXESS Sybron Chemicals Inc.

200 Birmingham Road
Birmingham, NJ 08011

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Company Description:

LANXESS has 75 years of experience in water treatment and purification applications and is one of the most important suppliers for liquid separation procedures worldwide. We hold a leading position in the development and production of ion exchange resins and are strongly committed to the development of reverse osmosis membrane elements. We operate production facilities in Leverkusen and Bitterfeld (Germany) and in Jhagadia (India).

We take cleanliness to a new level

With our entry into reverse osmosis membrane technology, we are taking an essential step forward in the field of water treatment. As a single-source supplier, we provide our customers with premium Lewatit® ion exchange resins and Lewabrane® RO membrane elements. The two separation technologies complement each other perfectly: RO membrane technology desalinates water efficiently, while ion exchange resins selectively remove certain ions from water.

We manufacture state-of-the-art Lewabrane® RO membrane elements for desalination of brackish and low-salinity waters in industrial and potable water (NSF certified) applications. The Lewabrane® membrane products are characterized by an enhanced polymerization degree of the polyamide layer that improves the mechanical and chemical stability of the thin film barrier layer, offering greater rejection stability and durability. The reduced charge on the membrane surface results in a lower fouling tendency (less cleaning frequency, lower costs).

A broad range of diverse applications

Our high-performance products are used in many industries to treat and purify water and other liquids. Industrial water treatment is the best-known and largest field of application for these products. In the power generation industry, our products are used in the production of boiler feed water and steam to avoid incrustation and corrosion. This improves the efficiency, operating reliability and lifespan of power plants. The production of ultrapure water, used by microelectronics manufacturers in the fabrication of semiconductor components, represents another important application.

In the food industry, Lewatit® is used in the production of crystal sugar and liquid sugar syrup. The products have additional uses as catalysts in brewing water production, whereby dissolved oxygen combines with hydrogen to form water, in full compliance with relevant food-purity regulations. Specific ion exchangers are also effective at removing uranium, arsenic and heavy metals from groundwater so that it can be processed into drinking water, or for softening small quantities of water in household applications. The removal of toxic substances plays a key role in the treatment of industrial effluents. Substances that harm the environment can be collected on exchangers and absorbers and reliably removed from the water. This ensures that only water that has largely been cleansed of pollutants is discharged into the environment.

LewaPlusTM – a step ahead

With the new design software LewaPlusTM we offer a tool for combined system design that stays a step ahead of competing products. It makes it simple for customers to design their systems for industrial water treatment and to plan the preparation process in detail – whether they use ion exchange or reverse osmosis technologies.

We are your reliable water treatment partner. and

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