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Company Description:

Gebrüder Heyl Germany, along with its US-subsidiary Heyl Brothers North America L.P., has established itself as a leading developer, engineer and manufacturer of online water analysis and monitoring instrumentation. Founded in 1958, the company has a long history of innovation and expansion focusing on strong customer orientation and high-quality water analysis applications.

Our product line includes:

  • Water parameter measurement devices
  • Online monitoring and control applications
  • Test kits for manual analysis and
  • Indicators

Due to high water hardness levels, calcium salt deposits in both feed and condensate water and forms lime scale on heat transfer surfaces. For example in a boiler system, the efficiency level of the heat transmission drops by approximately 30% due to lime scaling. Scaling on the heat transfer surfaces result in local overheating and the formation of cracks.

Recent research has shown that better control of parameters such as water hardness, carbonate hardness and conductivity by online water quality monitoring can save facilities thousands of dollars annually in energy and down-time costs.

The unique combination of our three main products; the Testomat 2000®, the Softmaster® MMP2, and the EcoControl EC Dos Desalt, which monitor, soften and correct water in industrial water systems, is your solution for too much waste water and a high salt content.

Water quality monitoring is therefore a vital step toward saving costs at any facility that utilizes boilers, cooling towers, or process water. Businesses with low-pressure boilers include commercial bakeries, meat processing facilities, steam heaters and commercial laundry facilities. Application examples for industries with high-pressure boilers are the food & beverage industry, pulp & paper industry, pharmaceutical and building materials industries.

Product Information

Our main product line is the Testomat 2000® family—a robust online field measuring instrument that analyzes the following parameters on a quantity- or time-controlled basis:

  • Water hardness, carbonate hardness, p-value, and minus m-value
  • Free and Total Chlorine, Chromate, Hexavalent Chromium, Iron-ll and Iron-lll
  • Sulphite

 Due to the Testomat 2000® instrument range, the scope of application includes:

  • Osmosis plants (hardness and chlorine)
  • Electroplating (chromate and chrome Vl)
  • De-ironing plants (iron)
  • Large scale industry steam boilers and cooling towers (water hardness, polyamines and phosphate)
  • Swimming pools (free and total chlorine)

For determining water hardness automatically, we developed the Testomat ECO® as a fully developed measuring instrument for only one specific scope of application. The performance capacity is equal to the more complex Testomat 2000®.

If acceptable hardness levels are exceeded, the accompanying Softmaster® MMP2 will initiate the regeneration of a softening unit. Furthermore, when the time between two regeneration cycles is undershot, an alarm signal is sent out by the Softmaster® MMP2.

Additionally, to avoid corrosion due to salt during the formation of steam, the conductivity level of the water can be monitored with an EcoControl EC Dos Desalt and water is fed in as needed (desalination, blowdown).

Product Information:
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