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WSP USA assists clients in finding the right solutions to water challenges through innovative planning and design, deep knowledge of the regulatory environment and a unique understanding of the alternative delivery mechanisms available in today’s tough economic climate.

We provide a full range of water, wastewater, stormwater and environmental services from strategy development through project implementation. Working alongside our clients, we serve as trusted advisors providing in-depth and objective advice to optimize water management, improve water quality and comply with local, state and federal regulations.

Water supply and reuse – WSP provides integrated water resources planning, design and management to optimize solutions for water supply, alternative sources, wastewater management and reuse of reclaimed wastewater. We have experience in advanced water treatment technologies including desalination of seawater and brackish water and zero-effluent discharge systems for power facilities.

Water and wastewater treatment and conveyance – We provide innovative solutions and technologies for planning, engineering and management to improve the effectiveness of operations, maintenance and replacement of aging and failing drinking water and wastewater treatment and conveyance systems. Our team is committed to environmentally sound structures that reflect sustainable engineering. We have a long record of meeting strict environmental regulations that govern the design, construction and operation of all types of water and wastewater conveyance structures.

Flood control and hydraulic structures – Our water resources and hydraulic specialists are experienced with a variety of flood control and conveyance facilities including levees, dams, canals, pump stations, detention basins and impoundments, and intake, flow diversion and outlet structures. We utilize our in-depth hydrologic and hydraulic engineering knowledge and apply our extensive experience to assist municipalities in safeguarding their communities and preventing loss of life and property.

Facility and asset management – As the nation's public water infrastructure ages, effective facility and asset management can help municipal agencies and utilities maximize the value of capital as well as operations and maintenance resources. We integrate technical excellence, financial management and business knowledge to provide the management strategies and tools clients need to optimize the life and value of water infrastructure assets and make informed decisions on asset rehabilitation, repair and ecosystem management

Stormwater, watershed and ecosystem management – With a full understanding of stormwater management, pollution control regulations and industry standards, we deliver stormwater control facility planning, analysis and design, watershed management and planning, green infrastructure (GI) and ecosystem assessment and restoration..

Climate adaptation and resiliency – We create resilient systems through the development of integrated engineering, planning and policy solutions. WSP provides vulnerability and risk assessments, hazard planning, coastal and fresh- water flood protection system design, climate adaptive engineering and asset management, post-extreme event recovery projects, and the development of capital improvement plans and integrated funding programs.

WSP brings together a diverse team of talented individuals with advanced degrees in science, engineering and business, as well as professional work experience in industry, consulting and regulatory agencies. We are problem-solvers who explore new ideas and are driven to find the ideal solution for each client. Find out what we can do for you.

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