Filter Magic/Industrial Control Systems

20 W. Williamsburg Road
Sandston, VA 23150-2010

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Company Description:

Filter Magic® is a universal, simple, reliable and cost-effective Gravity Filter Control System that substantially reduces the capital cost of installation and long-term maintenance expense.  It is ideal for both new construction and retrofit solutions. 

Filter Magic® Zero-To-Waste (FM Z2W) Optimization Solutions (1) substantially reduce excess backwash wastewater and filter-to-waste water, (2) increase plant productivity, and longevity, and (3) significantly reduce wastewater treatment systems.

Filter Magic® can take complete responsibility for the entire filter control system, including long-term comprehensive warranties. 

FM SCADA is a comprehensive filter system computer typically located in the control room.    With 1 TB of memory and unlimited I/O capacity it not only brings the entire filter system to the control room, it is also expandable to include the entire plant SCADA system.

FM REMOTE provides remote access to the filter system or future plant SCADA system thru FM SCADA, portable tablets and wireless plant-wide Ethernet hubs and or cellular networks.

FM technology eliminates the traditional conduit and wire tree.

FM technology utilizes pneumatic, electric or hydraulic actuation.

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