Michels Corporation

P.O. Box 128
817 West Main Street
Brownsville, WI 53006

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Company Description:

What began as a pipeline construction company founded in 1959 has flourished into an international engineering and construction contractor that has earned the respect and confidence of renowned private sector companies and governmental bodies all around the world. Michels is a diversified utility, engineering, design, and construction contractor with critical expertise in linking systems for energy, communication, transportation, and distribution. Michels Pipe Services, an innovative leader in pipe rehabilitation, uses CIPP in municipal and industrial applications. Michels specializes in Horizontal Directional Drilling 2" to 60"and up to 15,700 feet in length through any type of soil. Michels is a distinguished leader in soft ground and hard rock tunneling, as well as, underwater retrieval of TBM’s, microtunneling, shaft construction, slip lining and pipe jacking.

Product Information:
Michels Pipe Services was hired by general contractor Las Vegas Paving to rehabilitate 3,400 lineal feet of a 16-inch water main. The method specified by the owner was using a cured-in-place-pipe (CIPP) lining system for pressure pipes and meet the drinking water NSF/ANSI 61 Standard. Michels used a Sekisui NordiPipe glass-fiber reinforced pipe liner which is approved for potable water systems and fully structural. The trenchless CIPP method was a quick, efficient way to rehabilitate the water

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