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Company Description:


Company Description

Aunspach Controls Company is the world’s leading manufacturer of Valve Overtorque ClutchesTM   which ensure safe and reliable valve operation and system reliability by preventing valve overtorque damage. The company was founded in 1986 and its products provide reliable valve protection for large and small water systems throughout North America and overseas. The products are easily mounted on AWWA valve operating nuts or actuator handwheel shafts and are delivered pre-calibrated and ready to mount. 


Valve Overtorque Clutches

Model D86 Overtorque ClutchesTM  prevent valve overtorque damage. They eliminate the high costs and aggravation of excavation, valve repair or replacement, re-burying, service outage, lost product, possible collateral damage and inconvenience caused by valve overtorque damage.  Model D86 units are available for almost all valve types and sizes. They are shipped pre-calibrated and ready to mount. D86s are easily mounted on the valve’s operating nut. The valve is operated by engaging the AWWA nut on the D86 which will transmit plenty of operating torque but will declutch if damaging torque is applied. Re-engagement is automatic, at the original torque setting, with further rotation in either direction. All Model D86 units are lifetime maintenance free. The mechanisms are permanently lubricated and hermetically sealed inside rugged housings.  They are corrosion protected by fusion-bonded, AWWA approved, epoxy coating with enamel topcoat for ultra violet resistance and stainless steel fasteners.  To mount the D86, set it on the valve’s operating nut and tighten the two mounting screws.  To retrofit on existing buried valves, just lower it on to the valve nut. 


Handwheel Overtorque Clutches™

Model D82 Handwheel Overtorque Clutches prevent handwheel valve overtorque damage. Model D82 units are mounted on the handwheel shaft between the actuator and handwheel. Operating torque is transmitted from the handwheel through the D82 to the actuator. Damaging torque is stopped at the D82. Model D82 units are available with mounting connections as required and are shipped pre-calibrated and ready to mount.  Model D82’s are life-time maintenance free. The mechanisms are permanently lubricated and hermetically sealed inside rugged housings. They are corrosion protected by fusion-bonded epoxy coating, enamel topcoat and stainless steel fasteners

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