Aqua-Pipe/Sanexen Environmental Services, Inc.

9935 Catania Avenue, Suite 200
Brossard, QC J4Z 3V4

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Company Description:

Aqua-Pipe® is a class IV structural, stand-alone, cured-in-place liner designed for the trenchless rehabilitation of 6" to 24" water mains. It is certified by NSF to standard NSF/ANSI 61. The service connections are reinstated from within using robotic equipment, eliminating the need to excavate in front of every house. With over 2.6 million feet successfully installed in North America, Aqua-Pipe® is now considered a reliable & economical solution where water mains breaks and leaks are a growing issue. Please visit or call 1 800 263-7870.

Sanexen Environmental Services, Inc., has been demonstrating its environmental management know-how throughout Canada since 1985, specifically in the fields of PCB management, contaminated site characterization and remediation and risk assessment. Over the years, Sanexen has developed in-depth expertise and new technologies adapted to the needs of companies and governments faced with a variety of contamination problems.

As a specialized consultant and a contractor, Sanexen offers innovative solutions to aid in conforming to environmental regulations, often using a turnkey approach. For instance, in the last twenty five years, Sanexen has participated regularly in the expansion of real-estate markets by offering developers approaches to environmental issues that allow them to considerably reduce the financial risks associated with the redevelopment of industrial areas, Brownfields and urban fringes.

Fifteen years ago, Sanexen developed a structural liner for the rehabilitation of drinking water mains. Aqua-Pipe® is a proven economical and viable alternative to the water main problems where, in the past, dig and replace was the only choice. City managers and engineers from public works departments now have a decision to make when they experience the following symptoms with their water mains:

• Loss of structural capacity (water pressure, live or dead load)

• Experience numerous pipe breaks or high rate of leakage

• Loss of important hydraulic capacity in addition to structural problems

• Experience water quality problems in addition to breaks

Aqua-Pipe® is a structural liner that is designed and manufactured with mechanical properties exceeding all specifications and meeting drinking water requirements.

Aqua-Pipe® is certified by NSF to NSF/ANSI standard 61.

The Aqua-Pipe® solution has many advantages, such as when:

• Complete access to driveways is a must; and the closing of streets to residents, as well as businesses, is out of the question.

Other Advantages:  Elimination of leaks, jointless solution, low carbon dioxide emissions and increased capacity.

The water main runs underneath a bridge or overpass, rendering access to the main impossible.

As one can see, there are strong advantages in using the Aqua-Pipe® system in well populated areas where water main breaks and rusty water plague the system.

With the help of its licensees, many miles of Aqua-Pipe® have been installed over the past decade throughout Eastern Canada and the United States.

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