Induron Coatings, Inc.

P.O. Box 2371
Birmingham, AL 35201

Phone: View Phone Number205-324-9584
Fax: View Fax Number205-324-6942

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Company Description:

At Induron, we invest ourselves in your success, your satisfaction, and your reputation. It’s why—for example—we won’t specify the most expensive option when a more economical solution will suffice. So what can we do to help you succeed? If you need us to drop everything for an impromptu face-to-face, we’re on our way. If you need technical support with any coating-related issue, we’ve got the expertise. Because at Induron, “getting it right” is who we are. Not just what we do.

Now in our third generation of leadership, Induron’s high performance coatings serve a range of industrial applications broader than our founders ever envisioned. But the core business value of Technical Integrity continues to drive the company today. And tomorrow.

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Water Suppliers - Coating & Lining - Paint
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Water Suppliers - Pipe Fittings - Ductile Iron
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