International Tank Service

1085 S. Metcalf Street
Lima, OH 45804

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Company Description:

Since our founding in 1977 by Everett S. Kirk, Sr., and Everett S. Kirk, III (Butch), International Tank Service, Inc., has been providing quality products and services for the petroleum, chemical, water and waste treatment, utility, and heavy industries; and governmental agencies. Today, ITS is a full service aboveground tank construction contractor with field operations throughout the United States. International Tank Service, Inc., is located at 1085 S. Metcalf Street, Lima, Ohio, and maintains a fabrication shop nearby. We are able to provide extensive knowledge and experience in meeting the needs of our customers on a timely basis. The ITS team is ready to serve your total storage tank requirements from the ground up, including total repair capability. By utilizing the skills and talents of all our people (executive, engineering, administrative, field and shop), our Company is committed to providing our customers with a superior product at a competitive price.

• New Construction:
International Tank Service, Inc., can provide new tank construction for all types of Aboveground Storage Tanks (AST). Our field erection crews utilize the latest construction techniques to provide a safe, dependable new tank at competitive prices. New tank construction services include: tank erection, foundations, protective coatings and linings, insulation, and cathodic protection.

ITS-constructed tanks adhere to strict compliance guidelines in accordance with API, AWWA, and FM.

• Modification & Repairs:
International Tank Service, Inc., provides complete repair services to existing aboveground storage tanks. The background and experience of our personnel in tank bottoms, shell rings, tank roofs, manways, ladders, foundation replacement, under tank leak detection systems, and appurtenances allow us to modify and repair your existing tanks at a competitive price, while maintaining our high standard of work excellence.

• Internal/External Floating Roofs:
International Tank Service, Inc., fabricates and installs new floating roofs, as well as repairs and modifies existing floating roofs. We can revamp and convert floating roof tanks to fixed cone roof tanks, repair or replace floating roof support legs, wind girders, overflows, vents, circular or radial stairs and rolling ladders. We also install or repair all types of existing primary and secondary seal systems to meet your needs. An ITS floating roof is of sound design and construction, and will perform for many years with trouble-free service.

• Secondary Containment & Leak Detection:
EPA regulations for secondary containment and undertank leak detection are becoming more and more stringent. International Tank Service, Inc., can provide containment and leak detection systems for new and existing construction that satisfy both the customer's needs and governmental requirements. ITS offers several types of liners and several designs for cathodic protection.

We at ITS realize that environmental responsibilities are everyone's business, and we strive to meet the needs of our customer while maintaining a safe environment for future generations.

• Tank Demolition:
International Tank Service, Inc., is qualified for complete demolition of existing tanks. Whatever the reason, when the time is right for an existing tank to be removed, call ITS.

• Tank Moving:
International Tank Service, Inc., can move your tank to a new location by specially designed rigging and lifting equipment. This is accomplished within the plant site without costly disassembly.

• Tank Jacking & Leveling:
International Tank Service, Inc., utilizes two jacking systems to safely raise tanks: the Low-Lift Unified Jacking System, and the Hi-Lift Unified Jacking System.

The Low-Lift Unified Jacking System allows tanks to be raised up to 1'0" in a single lift, while the Hi-Lift Unified Jacking System allows tanks to be raised up to 10'0" in a single lift.

By jacking your existing tank off the ground, many options for repair or upgrading are available:

1. Installation of a reinforced concrete ringwall, or a compacted stone foundation;
2. Re-mediate contaminated soil;
3. Installation of an undertank containment liner;
4. Placement of a leak detection monitor;
5. Application of protective coatings to the tank bottom;
6. Installation of a cathodic protection system; and
7. Leveling of the tank.

• Insulation Systems:
ITS offers a pre-engineered insulation system, constructed out of panels having an aluminum exterior skin, backed with isocyanurate foam insulation. They are custom designed for each tank to assure precision fit and maximum energy efficiency. The individual panels are easy to remove or replace and are available in a variety of colors.

• Primary & Secondary Seals:
International Tank Service, Inc., provides innovative primary shoe and secondary wiper seal systems for external and internal floating roof tanks. All seals comply with EPA and safety requirements.

• Fabrication Facilities:
International Tank Service, Inc., can respond quickly to our customers' needs because of our on-site fabrication facility. Here we cut, roll and fabricate bottoms, shell plates, roofs and structural parts. We also fabricate tank fittings such as manways, nozzles, ladders, spiral stairways, and circumferential handrails. Completed components are shipped via our own trucks, or on commercial motor freight. To assure that production schedules are kept, our shop's priority is our field erection tanks. If you have an emergency that requires immediate attention, we can take care of that for you.

In addition to all of our field projects, we also have shop projects. We can build custom structures such as catwalks, ductwork, mezzanines, die racks, and hoppers. We also have the capacity to roll angle, plasma cut plate, roll plate and machine parts. A few of our machines include an Airco Model K Burning Machine with Burny V CNC controls and a Hypertherm Max 200 plasma cutter as well as a CNC Bridgeport Mill, Dries & Krump Break Press, HE & M Vertical Saw, and several welders.

For more information about your project or any of our equipment, give us a call at the Fab Shop at 419-222-5750 or fax us at 419-229-5383.

• Quality Control Program:
International Tank Service, Inc., maintains a Quality Control Program with the intention of producing the highest quality product for all our customers. Different aspects of the quality control are carried out by ITS personnel, or by independent testing laboratories.

Our Quality Control Program includes:

• Review of all engineering calculations with drafting detaling, prior to release of shop drawings;
• Mill tests of steel for chemistry, strength, and ductility (all steel used must conform to specified ASTM and design code standards);
• Weld procedure and welder qualification in accordance with API, AWWA, and ASME standards;
• Dimensional inspections of tank parts prior to erection;
• Tolerance inspection procedures for foundation and erection, to ensure compliance with applicable standards, customer requirements, and ITS acceptable tolerances;
• Visual inspection of weld quality as specified in tank codes;
• Radiographic weld inspection as specified on API or AWWA codes;
• Other weld inspection as called for by the customer, API 650, or AWWA codes, including vacuum testing, penetrant oil tests, hardness testing, etc.
• Hydro-testing;
• Additional testing as appropriate for other work - break tests for concrete, film thickness and holiday testing for painting, pressure tests for piping, etc.; and
• Annual inspections and certification by Factory Mutual for quality control compliance.

Product Information:
International Tank Service, Inc., is committed to providing you, our customer, with the best professional service possible. By utilizing our experience, flexibility, and capabilities to meet your needs (and governmental regulations), ITS remains dedicated to providing dependable, quality products and services at competitive prices. It is our job to furnish you with a product you will be proud of, and one in which we will be proud. After all, our success is dependent upon your success.

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