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200 Beta Dr.
Pittsburgh, PA 15238-2918

Phone: View Phone Number412-963-4804
Toll-Free: View Toll-Free Number1-800-445-9723

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Company Description:

Ovation™ control and SCADA technology is helping municipalities across the US achieve significant operational, environmental and economic benefits.  Access to real-time data from throughout the district translates into a number of significant benefits including better management of distributed systems and remote sites, streamlined environmental reporting, improved process reliability, and reduced operations and maintenance costs.

Integrated, wide-area monitoring and control of all operations from a single, centralized location enables operators to more quickly detect and isolate system leaks and react rapidly to changing conditions. And, access to comprehensive, real-time data and predictive intelligence means that they can also detect process and equipment problems before they occur, avoiding costly repairs and allowing limited staff to focus on higher priorities. 

What’s more, with a single, integrated Ovation architecture, municipalities can take full advantage of advanced control and simulation technologies to not only reduce the risk of human error but optimize plant operations, reduce energy usage and minimize equipment wear and tear.  And, through embedded security features and our Power & Water Cybersecurity Suite, districts can streamline cybersecurity management to better protect public assets and safeguard public health and the environment.

Higher productivity, lower costs, enhanced protection against cybersecurity threats, and the flexibility to expand and adapt to ever-changing regulatory requirements — just a few of the reasons why water and wastewater facilities across the U.S., including some of the country’s largest metropolitan areas, rely on Emerson Automation Solutions.

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