JCM Industries, Inc.

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Nash, TX 75569-1220

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Company Description:

Who we are
JCM Industries was incorporated in 1976 in Nash, Texas. As a leading fitting manufacturer, JCM recognized that the piping industry had two demands from a fitting manufacturer. First, a quality product designed to work efficiently and economically. Secondly, a product delivered when needed. JCM built its business on these two simple, yet vital foundations and continues to provide exceptional products with unsurpassed service.

JCM employees take personal pride in production and delivery efforts and are committed to a high standard of excellence for customer service. These commitments are carried throughout our organization daily from answering the first call to shipping the last product out the door.

How we lead
JCM offers a full product line of pipe repair, connection and branching products for all types and sizes of water and wastewater piping, including Universal Clamp Couplings, Bolted Couplings, Service Saddles, Tapping Sleeves, Expansion Joints and Surge Suppressors. In working closely with pipe manufacturers, JCM is able to provide to customers and end users with detailed, up to date information that specifically address applications for their type of pipe. JCM is the frontrunner in offering these tools to the waterworks industry and sets the precedent for others to follow.

JCM continues to take our leadership role seriously and addresses concerns not just for water/wastewater products, but for the piping industry overall. JCM makes a direct impact by participating actively on AWWA Standards committees, working nationally with legislative decision makers and addressing the federal agencies that affect today’s laws and guidelines for our industry.


What we do
JCM produces the most contemporary design features for today's repairs of yesterday's piping materials. Special application characteristics encountered on new piping material require versatile and reliable products delivered on an "as-need" basis. JCM Industries products comply to and exceed the recommended minimum standards of organizations that address our product line.

As a “just-in-time” manufacturer, JCM responds to the customers and end users needs as they occur. The changes in our nation’s economy pushed companies and municipalities who formerly “stocked” a wide choice of fittings on their shelves to reduce their “inventories” to specific needs. This triggered more reliance upon their manufacturers to ship needed products the same or next day. This is not a new process for JCM – for almost four decades our production philosophy has been “Fittings delivered when YOU need them” and the workflow through our production plant is streamlined to provide this service.


Two Key JCM Specialties: Difficult Applications and Time Critical Delivery
First, JCM provides everyday solutions to problematic, unique piping applications that plague distribution and transmission mains. Extraordinary predicaments include: limited installation space, excessive working pressures, underwater pipe repair solutions, accommodating considerable pipeline damage and so many others. Another JCM specialty is Time Critical Delivery. Same day production of pipe application fittings the loaded onto hot shot transportation are almost a daily occurrence at JCM. Contractors and job supervisors can depend on JCM to provide the product within the quoted time schedule.


Located To Serve our Customers
Central location in the Northeast corner of Texas enables both common and chartered carrier to provide fast delivery to all areas of the US, Canada, Mexico, and all ports of export for international destinations. For emergency status orders, JCM has access to several local hotshot, air express and air cargo services.


JCM Values our Customers
JCM understands the importance of the vendor/customer relationship and what it means to be dependable and consistent – we need that from our suppliers and our customers need it from us. As a small, privately owned company, JCM realizes that good customers do not grown on trees and that the liaison between vendor/customer is mutually supporting and together both succeed.

Contact JCM Industries for your pipe repair, connection and branching application. We look forward to hearing from you.

Product Information:
This sleeve quickly and efficiently installs over the abandoned corporation stop, permanently sealing the service area. This cap ensures a long term, watertight seal for the discarded corporation service and prevents any potential infiltration to the system. Available in standard pipe sizes and ranges and can be manufactured to fit unusual or exotic pipe diameters. Available in material options that best withstand the pipeline environment with gasket alternatives to accommodate the pipelin

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